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Sailing First

Sailing First is a group of English-speaking instructors who have taught in Denmark and in other countries for more years than is healthy for their skin. We are the first RYA Recognised Training Centre, offering shore-based courses in Denmark. Our niche is English language training to secure sailing qualifications that are recognized around the world.

For a number of years we have taught sailing courses in Denmark, often to expats, who wanted qualifications that were recognised globally and which they could build on, when away from Denmark. We always seemed to be trying to match Danish and International requirements in some kind of ad-hoc way.

In 2019 we chose to pursue recognition from the Royal Yachting Association (RYA). The RYA is a national body for recreational sailing and powerboating in the UK. They provide a Worldwide recognition and licensing structure for over 100 different courses, through more than 2,400 Recognised Training Centres around the world. They also provide extensive materials to support courses, both in print and digital formats.

As part of this process, we worked with Danish authorities to ensure that key certificates, namely the RYA Day Skipper Certificate would be recognised as equivalent to the Danish Certificate of Proficiency (Duelighedbevis) for recreational sailing.

We partner with sailing clubs in Denmark and RYA Training Centres in other places, so that participants in Sailing First courses can gain experience, build on qualifications and sail in a variety of locations, both in Denmark and abroad.

Many of our course participants sail actively with the Royal Danish Yacht Club (RDYC/KDY) at International Sailing at Skovshoved. Others have also gone on to take further RYA qualifications in Portugal and Ireland, enabling them to extend the sailing season.

From late 2021 KulturMix/ has become our partner on all administrative matters concerning our courses. In this way we can provide you a smoother and more professional process on signing up, payment and all the other boring, but necessary stuff, while still leaving the teaching and certification safely in the hands of
Hector, Tim and Yulia - your Sailing First Crew.

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a22690a RYA Day Skipper Theory Course 13‑01‑2022 17:30 Hector Robinson Tor Byens Hus
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English language RYA recognised shore-based courses taking place in Hellerup, Copenhagen. Successful completion of the courses require a good level of attendance as well as time between training sessions for preparation, practice and revision. The courses are intended for participants with practical sailing experience who want to improve their skills from a theory perspective.

Training objectives and topics

The course is intended for participants with sailing experience and who want to improve their skippering skills, from a theory perspective, so as to be able to better skipper a small yacht in familiar waters in daylight.
The course covers the following topics: Seamanship, coastal navigation (including passage planning and pilotage), chart-work, electronic charts, position fixing, plotting a course to steer, meteorology, tides, environmental protection and collision regulations.

Course manuals and quipment

The course includes the following materials: Plotter and dividers, training charts, exercise materials, RYA day skipper shore based book and Reeds Skipper's Handbook. You will also have access to a training almanac for the duration of the course. The course is split between presentations and exercises, including chart-work. The presentations will be provided as pdf files for you to download as you progress through the course.


The assessment will take place on 28th April. A certificate is issued on successful completion of the course and assessment. Successful completion of the course requires a good level of participation, and time between the course to revise, complete exercises and prepare. If you expect to be frequently absent or have some heavy work deadlines foreseen in this period, maybe you should wait with doing this course. The certificate is part of the RYA Day Skipper certification and is accepted by Danish authorities as equivalent to the theory for the Danish certificate of competency (duelighedsbevis).

Further information about RYA recognition and Sailing First can be found on and at

In the event of another global pandemic, lockdowns or instructor illness, we will work with you towards deferring the remaining course elements or delivering them remotely using Zoom.

Kulturmix/ will process your data and payment as part of the course booking process. Please find the data protection policy of KulturMix/ here (in Danish).

Data will be shared with Sailing First for the purpose of assessment. Please find the Data Protection Policy of Sailing First here.

After signing up for the course, you will be contacted by a representative of Sailing First in order to check expectations and previous experience. In the event it turns out there is not a match between your expectations and experience and the course, we can guide you to a more suitable course and reserve the right to cancel your enrolment and refund the course fees.

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Holdnummer: a22690a
Status: Tilmeldingsklar
Første møde: 13-01-2022 17:30
Mødegange: 14
Lektioner: 60
Undervisere: Hector Robinson
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